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    Happy Easter!

  • Milk Chocolate Dream

    Milk Chocolate Dream

    (Source: milkchocolatedream.com)

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  • Milk Chocolate Dream

    Milk Chocolate Dream

    (Source: milkchocolatedream.com)

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  • New supplies and restocks

    New supplies and restocks

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  • Anonymous asked: Is there a way to get the collaged tumblr pngs to be whole?

    visit the original site from the image search you’ll probably find them for download

  • Anonymous asked: Where did you find the pizza tumblr graphic?

    A google image search for ‘tumblr png’

  • Anonymous asked: Hello Frainy! How much does cupcakes accessory cost? I am argentinian. Bye!

    I don’t know which cupcakes you mean so here are the 3 types that are available in the shop:


    Pastel pink and blue

    Pink cupcake

  • Tumblr Graphic Resin Necklaces now up on Etsy!

    Tumblr Graphic Resin Necklaces now up on Etsy!

    (Source: milkchocolatedream.com)

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  • Anonymous asked: Are u able to make a rilakkuma deco den phone case?

    You can see my supplies here, I do have some rilakkuma pieces

    If you want a custom case then you can order one here

    I also have a rilakkuma case ready made in my shop here

  • Anonymous asked: What kind of phone do you have?

    Me? I have an iphone 4s ^^

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